The Company has established a Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Policy, which describes how its objectives given in 1.2 are achieved.


This is to state that the following Health, Safety and Environmental Pollution Prevention Policy was established by the Company with commitment from the top management. Therefore, the management’s obligation in achieving its objectives is considered of paramount importance.

The health and safety of all crew members and staff on board our vessels and in our offices, as well as protection of the environment, is one of our Company’s main concerns and considerations. It is, therefore, ensured that our activities are governed by the need to protect the environment and maintain good health and safety conditions at work for all our employees, contracted personnel and any other persons who are directly or indirectly linked with our business and operations.

It is clearly stipulated that Company will ensure that the concept of safe and pollution free operations is a very important issue and adopted practices of safe working and environmental protection are implemented by all persons on board all our ships.

At Company we believe that proper application of our Health, Safety and Environment Protection Policy can fulfill our Company’s fundamental objective to control and significantly reduce, or if possible, eliminate work related casualties, injuries, sickness and illness. In addition, the implementation of our standards for prevention and conservation of the environment fulfil the company’s fundamental principle for clean seas and a better environment.

The Company aims to achieve the following objectives through implementation of our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy:

    -Safety at sea
    -Prevention of human injury or loss of life
    -Prevention of damage to the marine environment
    -Prevention of damage to property (vessel and cargo) 

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy is primarily based on the following principles:

AA. Awareness towards health, safety and protection of the environment is shared by the managers, captains, officers, crew and the other employees in our company.

BB. Awareness of potential risks and methods of preventing them are cultivated amongst all ranks of our Company’s employees.

CC. All applicable International Conventions and National Regulations are applied onboard our vessels. For Marshall Islands vessels the requirements MI-108 are observed and implemented as applicable.

DD. Acknowledging the fact that most accidents and damage to the environment is the result of human error or actions which could have been prevented and to encourage those associated with our activities to be aware of this fact and act accordingly.

EE. Ensuring, at the time of employment, that all employees have the minimum required skills and education to understand and implement our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy standards and commit themselves to continuous improvement.

FF. Training of personnel and crewmembers in the better understanding of the potential risks and methods of protection. Potential risks of damage to the environment are investigated.

GG. Encouraging officers and crew to proceed with suggestions for possible further improvement of our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy.

HH. Recognizing the fact that the Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy need not be exhausted to national requirements only.

II. Ensuring through checks and verifications that the present policy is maintained and implemented.

JJ. Keeping key personnel advised and informed on any future progress of health, safety and environmental protection measures and standards, so as to maintain an up – to – date knowledge on related matters.

KK. Maintaining records of personal accidents and injuries. Records are analyzed, categorized and examined in order to detect causes of accidents. Results of the examinations provide a feedback to management for further training required for crew or further measures to be adopted.

LL. Monitoring the implementation of any corrective action resulting from accident (s), drawing up statistics and setting targets for the coming years.

MM. Regularly reviewing the content of this policy in order to remain effective, up – to – date and also in – line with other policies and activities within the company. Suck review are carried out at least once every year.

NN. With respect to vessel’s operation, the Company acknowledges Master’s overriding authority to act and take decisions even to the contrary of the (SMS) in order to ensure safety of onboard personnel and the vessel and protection of the environment.

This policy is affixed on all premises both ashore and on board. Personnel / crew are instructed to act accordingly.



The Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy was created with commitment from the Company’s top management.

The Company ensures that the policy is implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization, both ship based as well as shore based.

The Company provides a copy of this policy to all new crew prior to joining the Company or have the new joiners study the policy as part of their familiarization of board.

In order to ensure that all employees understand its contents a special induction training is given on the subject on the first day of employment and frequent training is carried out to ensure the system is understood and followed.

The responsibility for implementing and revising the Health, Safety and Environmental protection policy rests with the Designated Person ashore (D.P.).




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